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Since 2011, The team at Superhuman Gym has tirelessly worked towards fostering & establishing the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in India. Through Training & Education, Athlete Management, Events, Merchandising & more importantly adhering to global standards, the organization has differentiated itself in a unique market like India.

Using a foundation of Training & Education, the organization has evangelized the sport of MMA & introduced a unique approach to provide physical Fitness Training to every day fitness enthusiasts ("Civilians"). The organization also identifies & grooms, professional athletes, who compete at global competitions, while organizing events across India focused on the sport of Mixed Martials Arts. The Training & Education business units of the Group are driven by the brands, Superhuman Gym & Superhuman Academy.

About MMA: About 80 years ago, a Brazilian form of MMA known as 'Vale Tudo ("Anything Goes") sparked local interest in the sport. Today, the sport of MMA involves 'hybrid' athletes who are required to know various disciplines in order to compete at an elite level in a regulated environment where safety is paramount. Most MMA athletes are skilled in various forms of martial arts, including Karate, Taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling & other combat sports.


THE Academy

The Superhuman Academy prepares you for a career as a Superhuman Trainer. We require that you have a background as an Athlete at a semi-professional or professional level and/or a training any discipline of martial arts.

You could already be a Trainer, having graduated from any 'Gym Trainer Training' institute OR are currently employed with a traditional gym. Either way, graduating from the Superhuman Academy will teach you new skills that differentiate you from the other Trainers. At the Academy you will be coached by recognized International & Indian trainers in the science of Superhuman Training, personality development & management skills.

Our 'Trainer Training System' follows a Three-Tier approach, we call Silver, Gold & Platinum. All graduates begin at the Silver Level with 100 hours of training, over a 40 day, dedicated learning format. We almost always guarantee you employment with The MMA India Group as a Silver Tier graduate & the Superhuman Academy requires you to have a minimum of One Year work experience after your Silver Tier graduation to enroll for the Gold Tier Program.

The Gold Tier Program, consists of 120 hours of Training over a 40 day, dedicated learning format.

Once again, we almost always guarantee you employment with the Group post your Gold Tier graduation. An additional One and a Half Years of work experience as a Gold Tier graduate entitles you to enroll for the Platinum Tier Program. The Platinum Tier Program, consists of 120 hours of Training over a 45 day, dedicated learning format.

If you are an athlete & want to compete professionally, talk to us & we can explore the possibilities of how The MMA India Group can your launch pad for International competitions, while providing you a steady career as a Superhuman Trainer.

Differentiate yourself as a Superhuman Trainer & increase your income by at least 30%, click here to check the dates of our next Superhuman Academy's Boot Camp.

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Superhuman Studios & its partner brands, Superhuman Box & Superhuman Academy are a fast growing fitness training brand in India.

We're pioneering the training technique & the business model with which traditionally gyms have operated. Our stand-alone studios require much lesser investments & therefore lead to a faster return on investment for our Franchise Partners.

If you own or lease a space in a visible & high-footfall location (residential or commercial) in a fast growing city/town in India, are willing to invest a reasonable amount of money & time.

You also have an affinity for the fitness industry or better still, are a fitness enthusiast yourselves, then talk to us about how you could become our franchise partner.

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